Suzen Juel


Catchy ‘stay in your head’ lyrics. Lusty, earthy and raw vocals…Visually stimulating lyrical paintings. This Midwestern Singer/Songwriter grew up on the solid roots of Bob Dylan, John Prine, Janis Joplin, Jane Berkin and other legends of Music History!
Native to the Midwest, calling Minneapolis her true home, her life has been saturated with art, music and words since she can remember.
Suzen Juel is an active performer in both Second Life and her own back yard, as well as having performed in several other areas, Atlanta GA (Eddies Attic), Wisconsin, North Carolina, Minneapolis/St Paul….
Suzen is known for her lusty and often Bold and colorful lyrics. Taking the experiences that fill her mouth, soul and mind in her world, and putting them to song.

Suzen has 2 CDs available on

You can follow her on facebook

Find out more about her on her website
Suzen is also an artist…you can check out her art on her etsy  website


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