Kes’s Conscience


*Please read in your most sarcastic voice, otherwise this really doesn’t work*

It’s all my fault.

I’m Kes. (Hi.)  I was at university in Brighton, 19 years old, thinking “I’ve written lots of songs – I should play them”, so I got in touch with Bran – who, inexplicably, offered to play bass instead of drums despite being a drummer  – and we started making music.

It’s quite fun, so we’re still doing it. Sometimes we even play gigs. It’s mental.

Big influences include the Manic Street Preachers, Biffy Clyro and Muse.

Plus, despite this deliberately silly bio, we’re quite clever. I like to howl about politics and stuff; we’re putting the world to rights one anguished lyric at a time.

You should definitely check us out.

Also, I run a website called JUST A GRRRL (what? I like things in ALL CAPS), for and about women in music, which you should definitely sign up to. Immediately. And then come right back here and sign up for our mailing list, which I also write and send out every couple of weeks.

Or, when she’s not being a pretentious musician, Katherine Stewart. Absolute whore for a melody.
Brandon Frank Lane
Plays drums, like, really well. Also answers to All-Bran or Bran-Flakes. Probably.

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