Nick Durie

Nick Durie 

Nick is a socialist in his thirties who lives in Maryhill, Glasgow. Most of the political work he has done has been around housing and community issues. He is a trained community organiser, and worked professionally for London Citizens on their housing campaign throughout 2010-2011.

Over the years his work has helped to save a housing scheme of 3000 homes from demolition, contributed to winning the first major urban community land trust in inner London, helped secure a new playpark worth a quarter of a million pounds, helped to win new lifts in three tower blocks worth three quarters of a million pounds, helped to secure a new heating tariff for poor residents in the Wyndford housing scheme in Maryhill, as well as to win many dozens of casework and campaigning victories over the years. Along the way, Nick has found and catalysed dozens of new community leaders into taking public action and leading local organisation.

Nick was active during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign: in the run up to 2014 Nick held around 5000 doorstep conversations with voters in his area, and organising for teams of volunteers to extensively canvass all of the major schemes of Maryhill, and the Possilpark neighbourhood. He remains active in the wider YES movement and is a member of the SNP. Nick was also active in securing working class, strongly YES voting Maryhill’s 78% remain vote in June 2016.

Nick is a father to two young children. He can usually be seen down the local gym, and has a strong interest in physical culture and working out, gardening and plants, hillwalking, running, swimming and outdoor pursuits.

You can contact Nick here:



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